The PJC shall be an apex provincial body responsible for ensuring the effective administration, operation and development of a fair, Impartial and inclusive rule of law and organizations to address provincial law, justice and security challenges within their territory/jurisdictions. To this end, the PJC shall as a forum for provincial inter-organisational coordination and cooperation:

  • Review the law and order status in the province/jurisdiction and take necessary measure/s to enhance the operation and effectiveness of the rule of law organisations.
  • Lead the review, formulation, coordination and implementation of rule of law reforms in the province/jurisdiction.
  • Formulate policies and plans for effective implementation of the rule of law to address security and justice challenges.
  • Review, formulate and coordination the design, implementation and impact of rule of law reforms and related projects and programmes.
  • In particular to improve Service Delivery:
  • Enhance coordination between the respective rule of law organisations.
  • Enhance judicial-executive coordination to improve justice sector service delivery.
  • Conduct institutional, organisational and impact assessments to review and strengthen departmental/organisational performance and effectiveness.
  • Formulate and implement performance standards.
  • Formulate and implement monitoring and evaluate frameworks to ensure effective and timely service delivery and reform implementation.
  • Develop operating process, procedures, plans and policies to enhance the quality of justice and security effectiveness.
  • To review the performance of and provide policy guidance to the district Criminal Justice Coordination Committees (DCJCCs), or their equivalent bodies.
  • To review DCJCC recommendations and where necessary issue policy and/or operational directions and/or measures.
  • Make recommendations to the Federal and Provincial governments and the LJCP to strengthen rule of law institutions and organisations to improve Service Delivery.

Cheif Justice Peshawar High Court
Secretary LJCP
Member / Secretary
Home Secretary
Secretary LAW
Secretary Prosecution / DG Prosecution
Prosecutor General
IG Prions
Advocate General
Senior Most working District & Sessions Judge
Director Anti-Corruption
Co-opted / Observer
Any official or person selected by the PJC