Projects Completed

Project : Legal aid and information Resource Cell for the Women, Children and Deprived in District Chakwal
Development Research Institute of Pakistan (DRIP), Islamabad.
Area of Operation : District Chakwal
From : 2008-08-02
To : 2010-07-02
Approved Amount : Rs.1,633,000
Released Amount : Rs. 1,633,000

  • Provided legal aid facilities to the victims i.e. jail inmates through a group of lawyers,
  • Established a recourse cell with the help of a group of local lawyers,
  • Sensitization sessions / workshops, corner meetings and walks for the victims and marginalized group of people,
  • Media sensitization through  sessions / workshops and press conferences,
  • Sensitization of NGOs, CBOs through sessions / workshops,
  • Sensitization of  elected and government representatives.  

Project : Youth action to access justice in District Gujranwala
Bargad Organization, Gujranwala – Punjab
Area of Operation : District Gujranwala
From : 2006-08-28
To : 2009-09-16
Approved Amount : Rs.1,043,180
Released Amount : Rs.1,006,994

  • To enhance youth capacities through awareness, knowledge, skills related to gender / family laws / street harassment, registration of FIRs,
  • To generate public awareness and legal literacy campaigns regarding the access to justice development in the project areas, and
  • To converge youth and community action for the attainment of justice.

Project Deliverables

Project : Legal Empowerment of people through legal literacy project
Koshish Welfare Society, Sialkot – Punjab
Area of Operation : Gadgore, Khananwali and Jasorran Union Councils.
From : 2006-03-28
To : 2008-04-26
Approved Amount : Rs.1,139,330
Released Amount : Rs.1,072,125

  • About 8,571 legal literacy booklets published and disseminated,
  • Manual for training on Women Harassment for trainers was designed and trainings of the women were conducted accordingly,
  • Conducted 48-Legal Rights Awareness Workshops,
  • Data collection on criminal cases and data compilation,
  • Reports on workshops and consultations,
  • Documentation of successful interventions and best practices of providing legal aid to deserving women.

Project : Improved Access to Justice
Citizens Commission for Human Development (CCHD), Lahore – Punjab
Area of Operation : District Kasur
From : 2006-06-28
To : 2010-07-24
Approved Amount : Rs.1,838,550
Released Amount : Rs 1,470,840

  • Provided access to Justice to 2,000 women and other marginalized segments,
  • Created awareness amongst general populace about legal rights of women and support mechanisms available for protection of women rights,
  • Established linkages with formal and informal justice providers.

Project : Public Awareness & Legal Literacy Training Program on Family Laws for Rural Women Empowerment, Social Justice & Equity
Pakistan Rural Workers Social Welfare Organization, Bahawalpur – Punjab.
Area of Operation : Bahawalpur
From : 2006-07-28
To : 2008-07-24
Approved Amount : Rs.1,194,900
Released Amount : Rs.1125,400

  • Awareness about social justice and legal literacy program for 2,000 women,
  • Awareness on the rights of women amongst 10,000 population,
  • Reduction in litigations, quick solution of problems, worked for significant change in the normal life of 150 women.

Project : Human Rights Education and Legal Aid (Criminal Justice) to the Kiln Brick Labourers
Public Welfare Society (PWS), Sahiwal – Punjab
Area of Operation : District Sahiwal
From : 2008-06-13
To : 2010-12-26
Approved Amount : Rs.1,597,000
Released Amount : Rs. 1,597,000

  • Advocacy on Bonded Labour,
  • Established and provided free legal Aid Centre.

Project : Legal Empowerment of people through Legal Literacy
Koshish Welfare Society, Sialkot – Punjab
Area of Operation : Tehsil Pasrur, Daska and Sialkot
From : 2010-01-18
To : 2010-10-28
Approved Amount : Rs.995,000
Released Amount : Rs. 995,000

  • Conducted 36 legal awareness-raising workshops in tehsil Pasrur, Daska and Sialkot,
  • Compilation of   data on legal awareness-raising workshops,
  • Conducted special legal awareness-raising workshops for women,
  • Conducted 4 legal awareness workshops for religious minorities in the target tehsils and preparation of detailed report of every activity along with photographs, attendance sheets, media clippings etc.

Project : Community Awareness about Environmental Laws
Good Thinkers Organization.
Area of Operation : Kasur
From : 2012-05-09
To : 2014-02-03
Approved Amount : Rs.540,000
Released Amount : Rs.538,000

  • To enhance awareness level of 30,000 students and general public about environmental laws, policies and issues,
  • To organize speech competitions among students on environmental issues,
  • Environmental information Dissemination thorough  Printed Material and Local T.V Cable Network, Media,
  • Establishment of District Environment Management network,
  • Establishment of environment friendly atmosphere in Kasur.

Project : Overall Improvement in standards of Legal Education, Innovation in Teaching of Legal Education and Development of Curriculum
Saima Amin Khawaja, Nusrat Jahan, Nabeela
Area of Operation : Law Colleges in Punjab
From : 2012-08-17
To : 2013-09-26
Approved Amount : Rs.100,000
Released Amount : Rs.100,000

  • Collection / verification of data: through existing secondary data, interviews, questionnaires and focus group discussion to obtain details on number of law colleges in Punjab, annual number of LLB graduating students; data on faculty members; research policy programs; available resources and any other relevant particulars,
  • Review  the admission policy/ requirements for the local LLB programs: diagnostic review and analyses of the admission requirement and policy,
  • Review and analyses of the curricula: literature review of past, present and evolving curricula of local LLB programs, the external LLB in comparison with world renewed legal instructions / universities regionally and internationally,
  • Review and analyses of teaching methodology: comparative review and analyses of LLB program in Punjab to the teaching methodology adopted in other countries in LLB programs,
  • Evaluation of local LLB examination systems: review and analyses of examination system in Punjab   and comparative review of other regional and international institutions,
  • Assessment and Appraisal of the regulatory regime: Review and analyses of monitoring of the institutions,
  • Review of resent legal education reform initiatives in the province of the Punjab,
  • Consultation with stakeholders- through workshops, leading to the finalization of the recommendation,
  • Recommendation for improvement in the curriculum, teaching methodology, examination system. And overall improvement of legal education.

Project : MADADGAR
Sahil Development Organization
Area of Operation : Gujranwala, Punjab
From : 2013-08-09
To : 2014-12-15
Approved Amount : Rs.2,000,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,600,000

  • Community Legal Advice Helpline will be launched  for free legal advice and to make easy access of the services for the public,
  • Training for legal literacy and legal awareness,
  • Public lectures, Radio talks and FM Radio,
  • Publications.

Project : Legal Awareness Programme through Local F.M Radio and Workshops on Women Rights in District Gujranwala
Al-Watan Forum Pakistan, District Gujranwala
Area of Operation : District Gujranwala
From : 2011-03-30
To : 2014-12-15
Approved Amount : Rs.1,000,000
Released Amount : Rs.500,000

  • Awareness campaign through media, pamphlets, banners, seminars and workshops regarding laws relating  marriage, pre-marriage and post marriage effects/issues,
  • Consciousness among the masses through promotional messages by using electronic media i.e. local FM radio channels,
  • 10 groups comprising 20 participants (man and women) will be given education and training on laws relating to marriage and make them well conversant.

Project : Awareness of Fundamental Laws at Grassroot level
DEVCON (Development Consultants), Shahdadpur – Sindh
Area of Operation : Taluka Shahdadpur.
From : 2006-06-28
To : 2007-09-17
Approved Amount : Rs.632,400
Released Amount : Rs.632,400

  • About 169 representatives of the civil society have been trained in 13 Union Councils related to Family Law, Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, Tenancy Act, Registration Act and Succession of property Law,
  • About 2,600 people in Taluka Shahdadpur have been made aware of the Family Law, Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, Tenancy Act, Registration Act and Succession of property Law.

Project : Rural Sind Gender based project
Goath Sudhar Sangat Aghamani-(GSSA), Dadu – Sindh
Area of Operation : District Dadu
From : 2006-06-28
To : 2007-09-17
Approved Amount : Rs.1,136,630
Released Amount : Rs.1,136,625

  • Awareness about the women Right issues to bring in to spotlight,
  • Stories writing on violence cases such as honor killings by local journalists,
  • Data collection on women right –issues including honor killings at union council level,
  • Coordination with the organizations working on human right issues.

Project : Establishment of Legal Aid Centre, Umerkot
Thar-Nara Development Society, Umerkot – Sindh
Area of Operation : District Umerkot
From : 2006-06-28
To : 2009-09-16
Approved Amount : Rs.442,900
Released Amount : Rs.442,900

  • Mechanism for clinical justice to victims by setting up a functional Legal Aid Centre in Umerkot  Town,
  • Provided immediate relief especially non-affording / resource less people,
  • Organized walks, rallies, seminars & lecture programmes for the awareness of general public regarding basic legal fundamental rights, illegal victimization & environmental laws,
  • Developed and distributed material related to legal aid for general awareness. 

Project : Legal Empowerment
Kainaat Welfare Association, Kandhkot, Sindh
Area of Operation : District Kashmore.
From : 2011-02-04
To : 2012-12-06
Approved Amount : Rs.1,000,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,000,000

  • Implemented the legal empowerment strategy at grass root level,
  • Provided Medico-legal support to the needy population of the area,
  • To strengthen the focal points for public awareness at local judicial system,
  • To constitute a legal empowerment committee to conduct surveys to determine the legal needs and demands of the vulnerable for legal aid and rights awareness,

Project : Continuing legal education program for practicing lawyers in Karachi.
Karachi Centre for Dispute Resolution, (KCDR) Karachi, Sindh
Area of Operation : Karachi
From : 2011-02-10
To : 2012-02-01
Approved Amount : Rs.813,000
Released Amount : Rs.516,225

  • Practicing lawyers were developed basic understanding of ADR and Mediation,
  • Practicing lawyers in interest of their clients used on ADR and Mediation,
  • Awareness sessions on ADR and Mediations,
  • Reduction in cost and time in resolution of disputes for the cases backlogging in Courts related to ADR and unnecessary litigation.

Project : Madadgar (Helpline centre).
Pakistan International Peace & Human Rights Organization (PIPHRO) Badin – Sindh
Area of Operation : Nindo Shaer District Badin, Sindh.
From : 2009-09-16
To : 2013-02-16
Approved Amount : Rs.750,000
Released Amount : Rs.750,000

  • Clinical legal assistance to the victims of Human Rights violation and abuse.
  • Basic human rights education,
  • 6 trainings about Human Rights,
  • 12 Monthly publication of “Voice of Peace” 1000 copies each month 12000 copies would be distributed in 12 thousand people,
  • Reduction in the human rights violations,
  • Speed in proceeding in cases at court levels,
  • Release of the accused persons in petty cases,
  • Help in legal assistance,
  • Reduction in the torture of law enforcing agencies,
  • Easy access to justice,
  • Provision of Human Rights material in local languages,
  • Publication / Translation of basic necessary laws in local language,
  • Sensitization of local people with academia, NGOs, Media, line departments,
  • Sustainable network of likeminded people,
  • Networking with alert groups at Internet.

Project : Public awareness and legal literacy campaign
SAIBAN welfare Organization, Karachi
Area of Operation : Karachi
From : 2011-02-25
To : 2012-02-24
Approved Amount : Rs.1,200,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,200,000

  • Relief to the masses, public will be fully aware about their fundamental rights, duties and responsibilities in developing and creating peaceful society as well as atmosphere and environment. Publication of complete metrical related to human rights, issues as well as ways and means to get redress their problems.

Project : Prevention of child marriage through mobilization of community, civil society, media and government in the District Dadu Pakistan
Goath Sudhar Sangat Aghamani-(GSSA), Dadu – Sindh
Area of Operation : District Dadu
From : 2011-02-10
To : 2013-05-06
Approved Amount : Rs.1,200,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,200,000

  • Capacity building of communities on child marriage / women right issues at grassroots level to increase the knowledge on women right issues with focus on child marriages,
  • Awareness on VAW through print and electronic media,
  • To document the case studies on child marriages in the district Ddau,
  • To collect statistics of child marriages on the prevalence, root causes, trends and patterns focusing on child marriages and other forms of VAW,
  • To enhance the networking among various activists/groups for evolving local structures of redress.

Project : Women Legal empowerment Through Publicizing Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation for Promoting women
Sindh Community Foundation SCF Hyderabad
Area of Operation : Hyderabad
From : 2012-05-28
To : 2013-07-04
Approved Amount : Rs.237,000
Released Amount : Rs.237,000

  • Number of working women will be trained on WPA 2010,
  • IEC material on sexually harassment  Act will be published & disseminated,
  • 20 theatres will be organized for the awareness on Anti-sexual Harassment Legislation,
  • Booklets of Sindh translation of the Act will be published and disseminated,
  • Monthly data will be collected of the incidents of harassment with women and girls,
  • Women Rights Education Centre will be established,
  • Advocacy seminars will be arranged and attended by the targeted stakeholders on the awareness of the Act.

Project : Establishing Help line for Survivors of violence, abuse, exploitation and Advocacy
National Development Organization (NDO)
Area of Operation : Guddu, kashmore.
From : 2012-05-28
To : 2014-04-10
Approved Amount : Rs.500,000
Released Amount : Rs.500,000

  • To increase access to services that support women and children who experience violence,
  •  Awareness related to violence, abuse and exploitation through experienced lawyers and by conducting Seminars / Workshops,
  • Advocacy related to attitudes about women, men and  human rights,
  • To promote gender equality and women’s ability to access rights at all levels,
  • Identification of case studies and providing free legal assistance to the women victims of violence.  

Project : Fund for Innovations in legal education – Improvement in legal Professional Standards.
Karachi Bar Association
Area of Operation : Karachi
From : 2012-02-27
To : 2013-02-26
Approved Amount : Rs.1,000,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,000,000

  •  Advocacy Training Course program / manual developed for trainings,
  •  Different case modules shall be prepared that typify the kind of basis criminal, civil and family cases,
  •  Advocacy Training Courses to all junior members of the KBA subject to space and availability.

Project : To study the Feasibility of Establishing Specialized Intellectual Property Courts / Tribunals in Pakistan
Ms. Afshan Zia (Researcher), Karachi
Area of Operation : Karachi
From : 2012-07-17
To : 2012-11-12
Approved Amount : Rs.250,000
Released Amount : Rs.175,000

  • The study will provide a comprehensive literature review on the nature of Specialized IP Courts or Tribunals and the existing ones around the world,
  • The study will established the need of forming an IP court or a tribunals or division in Pakistan,
  • The Study will highlight the possible roadblocks in the successful implementation or working of the specialized IP courts or Tribunals in Pakistan,
  • The study will provide calculated and potential economic benefits of establishing the specialized IP courts or Tribunals.

Project : Provision of Clinical Legal Aid to Bonded Labourers Through Bonded Labour Legal Aid Centre
Green Rural Development Organization (GRDO)
Area of Operation : District Umerkot, Sindh
From : 2013-09-08
To : 2014-10-28
Approved Amount : Rs.1,200,000
Released Amount : Rs.600,000

  • Establishment of Bonded Labour Legal Aid Centre (BLLAC),
  • Mobilization of Hari Mazdoor Tanzeem (HMT) Members,
  • Formation of Bonded Labour Identification Committee (BLIC),
  • Training of BLIC Members,
  • Identification of Bonded Labour Cases,
  • Legal aid facilitation through BLLAC.

Project : Community Access to Justice Program.
Youth Association for Development (YAD), Loralai – Balochistan.
Area of Operation : District Killa Saifullah
From : 2010-06-03
To : 2011-10-04
Approved Amount : Rs.700,000
Released Amount : Rs. 700,000

  • To educate the people of district Killa Saifullah about their legal rights and access to justice through Seminars, workshops, walks and sessions.

Project : Rights of Inmate at Jail and Awareness among Law practitioners about Free Legal Assistance for Under Trail and accused deserving people
Roshni Development Organization, Quetta, Balochistan
Area of Operation : District Quetta
From : 2011-03-07
To : 2012-10-09
Approved Amount : Rs.1,200,000
Released Amount : Rs.120,000

  • Baseline situational assessment of customary traditional practices,
  • Conducted 12 Trainings of Women and girls,
  • Conducted 4 Trainings of Lawyers for total 40 participants,
  • Conducted 10 Trainings of Religious Leaders on WWL issues,
  • Conducted 24 District level Awareness Sessions,
  • Conducted 5 sensitizing Seminars on WWL,
  • Dissemination of developed success stories/case studies and awareness through Audio visuals Tools,
  • Conducted 10 awareness sessions with students of Law and junior law practitioners,
  • Conducted 12 Coordination meetings with GLDs, NGO Media & Local Government bodies,
  • Establishment of Referral unit.

Project : Rights of Inmate at Jail and Awareness among Law practitioners about Free Legal Assistance for Under Trails and accused deserving people.
Society for Human Assistance and Development (SHAD), Quetta –Balochistan
Area of Operation : Quetta and Mach–Baluchistan
From : 2011-01-18
To : 2013-03-02
Approved Amount : Rs.1,562,420
Released Amount : Rs.1,474,415

  • Delivery of Free Legal Aid Service to deserving accused and under trail,
  • Focused group have been made aware about their duties and rights,
  • Awareness amongst the families and Prisoners about their fundamental rights in prison,
  • Public informed through Media and literature published regularly related to rights of inmates and providing free legal aid,
  • Data collection / research on the Improvement of legal & Judicial Services.

Project : A strong awareness raising campaign of Juvenile Justice System Ordinance, 2000
Sustainable Community Development Organization (SCDO) Quetta – Balochistan
Area of Operation : Quetta – Baluchistan
From : 2009-12-22
To : 2013-07-31
Approved Amount : Rs.1,402,300
Released Amount : Rs.1,260,000

  • Endeavors for the implementation of JJSO in the Province.

Project : Advocate Women Inheritance in Balochistan
Today’s Women Organization (TWO)
Area of Operation : Quetta
From : 2012-04-19
To : 2014-04-10
Approved Amount : Rs.659,000
Released Amount : Rs.659,000

  • To aware the women about their inheritance rights,
  • To protect, advocate and empower their inheritance through each fabric of Society.

Project : Legal Literacy for Peaceful Society
Hamdam Development Organization, D.I.Khan – KPK
Area of Operation : District Dera Ismail Khan.
From : 2006-06-28
To : 2008-03-19
Approved Amount : Rs.593,123
Released Amount : Rs.593,123

  • Community motivation through workshops and seminars,
  • Publication of promotional material,
  • Training of Trainer,
  • Selection of Motivators,
  • Community based Seminars,
  • Refresher training workshops for motivators,
  • Establishment of Free legal aid cell,
  • Alliance building with stakeholders.

Project : Public Awareness and Legal Literacy Campaigns and Legal advices Resource Centre regarding Women Rights in Shabqadar, District Charsadda (KPK)
Mashal Women Welfare Society, Charsadda – KPK
Area of Operation : District Charsadda
From : 2006-06-28
To : 2009-02-25
Approved Amount : Rs.999,400
Released Amount : Rs.982,569

  • Sensitization Workshops in all villages regarding legal and human rights of rural  women,
  • Sensitization workshops held to identify the major issues related to our women’s fundamental human rights in context to the Constitution of Pakistan as well as international laws.

Project : Legal Awareness program in Swabi
Blue Veins, Peshawar – KPK
Area of Operation : District Swabi
From : 2008-06-13
To : 2009-05-21
Approved Amount : Rs.1,600,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,600,000

  • Awareness created through publication about laws relating to marriage,
  • Broadcasting of Radio programmes to educate illiterate population by providing information regarding Laws related to marriage,
  • Number of activists trained on laws related to marriages and their basic knowledge enhancement.

Project : Legal Aid and Information Resource Center for the women and deprived children
Sawera Development Organization (SDO), D.I.Khan – KPK
Area of Operation : D.I.Khan
From : 2008-06-13
To : 2011-10-12
Approved Amount : Rs.1,765,050
Released Amount : Rs.1,709,857

  • Establishment of Legal Aid and Resource Center,
  • Specific target group of community have been trained and made aware through workshops / seminars.

Project : Legal Empowerment Project (LEP)
Women Association Struggle Development (WASD), Mardan – KPK
Area of Operation : District Mardan & Swabi
From : 2008-06-13
To : 2009-06-12
Approved Amount : Rs.1,051,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,050,800

  • About 360 women and children / adolescents received free legal aid and counseling,
  • 1,200 people (50% male & 50% female) made aware on criminal justice and related issues and procedures,
  • Capacity building of 30 Executive / Staff members of 15 CSOs have been enhanced about Criminal Justice System (CJS) and related rules and regulations.

Project : To educate the people about their legal rights
Brilliant Community Development Organization (BCDO), Charsadda – KPK
Area of Operation : Tehsil Charsadda & Tangi
From : 2008-08-02
To : 2009-08-03
Approved Amount : Rs.500,000
Released Amount : Rs.500,000

  • 20 CBOs including 10 women organizations were made as master trainers,
  • 3,000 male including 1500 women were given awareness about their legal rights,
  • Gender sensitization Seminars,
  • Awareness about gender discrimination.

Project : Protecting the Rights of people.
Dost Welfare Foundation, Peshawar –KPK
Area of Operation : District Peshawar.
From : 2008-08-02
To : 2010-02-26
Approved Amount : Rs.1,000,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,000,000

  • Need- based clinical legal aid, psychosocial and rehabilitation support  for victims of unjust executive decisions,
  • Increased knowledge, sensitization and skills of police, prison and judiciary staff and other relevant stakeholders for the protection of fundamental legal rights of people in conflict with law,
  • Increased awareness among general masses regarding fundamental legal rights of people in conflict with the law.

Project : Legal Literacy and awareness
Community Development Organization (CDO), Bannu – KPK
Area of Operation : District Bannu.
From : 2012-06-28
To : 2013-04-03
Approved Amount : Rs.453,000
Released Amount : Rs. 453,000

  • Provided Legal Literacy Education and Awareness to480 male residents,
  • Increased the mutual cooperation and harmony amongst the religious, ERS, GLA and community activists.

Project : People initiatives for Fundamental Rights
Hamdam Development Organization (HDO), D.I.Khan – KPK.
Area of Operation : D.I.Khan & Tank
From : 2010-01-18
To : 2012-07-17
Approved Amount : Rs.1,026,280
Released Amount : Rs.1,025,787

  • Formation of Project Steering Committee,
  • Printing of IEC material,
  • Establishment of Resource Center,
  • Training Workshops for resource persons,
  • Three-Day Training workshops for Legal Education Committees,
  • Strengthening links with law enforcing agencies,
  • Follow-up Workshops for Legal Education Committees,
  • Consultation Meetings for Representatives of Media & Local Government.

Project : Legal literacy and public awareness.
Skyian Welfare Organization, Abbottabad, KPK
Area of Operation : District Abbottabad
From : 2011-01-18
To : 2012-09-27
Approved Amount : Rs.990,000
Released Amount : Rs.990,000

  • Awareness regarding harmful traditional and customary practices,
  • Awareness regarding sexual abuse, rape and violence against women committed as acts family conflict constitute torture and/or ill-treatment, 
  • Restrictions on rights in public life, including requirements that to receive        consent for political participation,
  • Persecution because of family relationships,
  • Recognition of persecution to include sexual abuse, harassment and other gender-based oppression,
  • The relationship between freedom of religion, and right to equality before law,
  • Freedom of expression Issues, including censorship imposed on writers, or   censorship of materials and information on equality rights,
  • The rights of ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities and women are right to equality.

Project : Women Rights Awareness And Protection Project
Step Towards Empowerment of Pupil (STEP), Mardan, KPK
Area of Operation : Tehsil Takht Bahi, Mardan
From : 2011-02-23
To : 2012-10-23
Approved Amount : Rs.600,000
Released Amount : Rs.600,000

  • Conducted 02 District Level Consultative Workshop on laws and policies related to women rights,
  • Conducted 08 sensitization and orientation Seminars on various aspects of women laws and policies for important stakeholders,
  • Publishing and disseminated of printed material on various aspects of women laws and policies including Women Protection Bill and Hudood Ordinance, capacity building of female lawyers and their encouragement to come forward and specialize themselves in female rights related cases.

Project : Legal aid to clients affected in violation of their fundamental rights on matters concerning Criminal
Dr. Begum Jan, T.I, Member National Commission on the Status of Woman from FATA, Government of Pakistan
Area of Operation : FATA
From : 2011-02-04
To : 2011-07-08
Approved Amount : Rs.696,100
Released Amount : Rs.278,440

  • Data collection of the prisoners detained under FCR,
  • Visits to different jails for data collection,
  • Meetings with line departments,
  • Compilation of data in categories,
  • Identification of issues in collection of data,
  • Working on legal aid to the clients affected in violation of their fundamental rights.

Project : Legal literacy campaign
Kumrat Development Organization (KDO) Dir Upper, KPK
Area of Operation : Dir Upper
From : 2011-01-18
To : 2012-01-17
Approved Amount : Rs.468,000
Released Amount : Rs.468,000

  • 30 Seminars will be organized in district Dir(Upper) in order to literate the people about the land/inherence issues,
  • Team of lawyer will deliver the lectures on Land Inheritance Issues and its importance in the light of the Constitution and reflection in the region,
  • IEC material will be developed and distributed among the masses about the share of the women in the land inheritance.

Project : Legal Literacy Campaigns.
Strengthening Humanitarian Aid and Rehabilitation Programme (SHARP), Timargara, District Dir Lower, KPK.
Area of Operation : Timargara, District Dir Lower, KPK
From : 2011-02-25
To : 2012-02-24
Approved Amount : Rs.500,000
Released Amount : Rs.200,000

  • 4,000people directly and much more indirectly will be aware about their basic rights after the expiry date of the project,
  • The National / international Law about the court procedure to get easy access to justice,
  • To provide basic knowledge and understanding to masses about the easy access to justice. 

Project : Public Awareness and legal literacy project.
Community Development Programme (CDP) Bannu
Area of Operation : Bannu
From : 2012-05-28
To : 2016-12-03
Approved Amount : Rs.400,000
Released Amount : Rs.400,000

  • 13 Musallahati Committees will be formed and made aware about their working,
  • Training to lady constables will be provided for participation in legal literacy campaigns,
  • Members and Office holders of Bar Councils and Bar Associations will be trained and labour unions, civil society organizations, selected community elders and religious leaders will be made aware about the public issues related to legal literacy,
  • Media (print & electronic) orientation sessions for larger and wider dissemination of information,
  • IEC material will be developed and distributed.

Project : Legal literacy campaign and awareness In District, Bannu
Community Development Organization (CDO), Bannu
Area of Operation : District Bannu.
From : 2008-06-13
To : 2013-12-06
Approved Amount : Rs.450,000
Released Amount : Rs.450,000

  • 600 participants will be made  aware about the Legal literacy,
  • 600 participants would be aware & know about their legal Rights,
  • 4,800 Community Members will be educated about their Basic Legal Education and Rights through Seminars / Workshops and Community Meetings,
  • Mutual cooperation among agents of  Political, Religious, Lawyers, ERs, Police, GLAs and CSO will be strengthened,
  • Peace and Harmony would be prevailed among various sections of the society through this project,
  • 600 community members would be directly benefited from the printed information on the legal literacy campaign & awareness,
  • Linkages with print media will be developed. 

Project : To protect and represent consumer’s rights and interest
Association for Behavior and Knowledge Transformation (ABKT) Dir Lower
Area of Operation : Dir Lower
From : 2011-01-18
To : 2014-12-15
Approved Amount : Rs.1,200,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,200,000

  • 7,500 consumers will be made aware, mobilized and sensitized about their rights, interest, obligation and corporate social responsibilities,
  • 18 Consumer Right Protection Committees will be formed in 15 Union Councils, 2 tehsils and one at district level,
  • Networking of 15 UCs, 2 Tehsils and one district levels CRPCs will be formed for 300,000 consumers.

Project : Rights Protection and Legal Empowerment Project
Women Association Struggle For Development (WASFD), Mardan
Area of Operation : District Mardan
From : 2011-02-04
To : 2015-01-16
Approved Amount : Rs.1,200,000
Released Amount : Rs.1,200,000

  • 300 women & children will be provided  free legal aid and counseling services through the project activities,
  • Efforts for improving the  living conditions in jails for the prisoners,
  • 800 men and women will receive legal literacy training and information on women related laws, PPC, Cr.P.C and Environmental laws through consultation, seminar, workshop and open forums as well as through print and electronic media,
  • Printing and dissemination of IEC material in the project area.

Project : To educate the local community about their legal rights through Capacity Building of CSOs.
Basic Integrated Rural Development Society (BIRDS)
Area of Operation : Shangla, KPK
From : 2012-05-28
To : 2013-12-03
Approved Amount : Rs.600,000
Released Amount : Rs.600,000

  • Capacity building of 15 CSOs regarding basic legal rights for access to justice.
  • To prepare 30 CSO members as Master Trainers or Paralegal Aid Workers for Access to Justice through Training of Trainers (TOT) program,
  • Awareness on legal rights through trained CSO members.

Project : Public Awareness and Legal Literacy in District Charsada
Youth Resource Centre (YRC), Peshawar
Area of Operation : District Charsadda
From : 2012-11-08
To : 2014-02-03
Approved Amount : Rs.500,000
Released Amount : Rs.500,000

Alliance building workshop,

Arrangements of crash course for women rights Advocates,

Arrangements of workshops for professionals/NGOs/Service Providers etc,

Arrangements of legal awareness sessions,

Arrangements of Public Lectures.